The Ace (Ice)

The Ace (Ice)

The Ace has been with us since the very beginning, so to pay homage to our initial release, we've now dropped a fire new colour combo... ICE BLUE!

It's ally, its essence and it feels as delightful to wear as a room full of Labrador puppies (gen... don't wear a room full of Labrador puppies). Not only is this guaranteed to be one of the softest T shirts in your arsenal, but it will keep up with anything you throw at it for years to come! Its our staple phys piece for a reason!

• Unisex
• Colour: Blue Heather
• Fit: Athletic
• Fabric: 52% Cotton/48% Polyester
• Feel: Lightweight and Breathable
• Center print: Company Logo
• Right arm print: Skull
• Inside print: Logo/label

• Wash when dirty!
• Iron inside out on low/medium heat!
• Hand wash or 30 degree gentle wash recommended - do not tumble dry (*2)

(*1) These t-shirts come with some stretch in case of any sudden physical gains. So don’t be put off if you're in-between sizes.
(*2) May lead to undesirable shrinkage