Phys Monster Bundle Pack

Phys Monster Bundle Pack

Our phys monster bundle pack gives you access to all 3 of our training programmes at a saving of 20% (vs purchasing each one individually).

If your goals are to be stacks, essence, and an all round physical legend, you've come to the right place. We’re offering 22 weeks of phys for less than a months subscription to almost every programming website out there… It's gen a no brainier!

We recommend starting with 'Basics Done Well' before progressing to 'Op Massive'. Finishing with 'Aesthetic AF' not only gives your ticker a rest, but a chance to maximise those gains you've been working hard for. You'll likely finish up being more stacks and essence than Sly Stallone circa 1980!

There’s no shipping costs either, keep eyes on your email (and those junk folders)! Allow up-to 24 hours to receive your document as we quite literally email these out manually.