Warmers Lids

Warmers Lids

Presenting the patch lid! Guaranteed to keep you toasty all year round if you live in the UK. If you’re the type to put your thermostat on a permanent stand down too, this lid is perfect for you! Its durable enough to sustain you out in the field, on a winter tour of the badlands, on the slopes, in the gym, out and about, or any other exceptional circumstance where a turbo soft beanie would be a great part of your arsenal. The possibilities are endless. Deployed up front is a finely embroidered 8cm patch. Large enough to give subtlety the middle finger, but small enough so you’re not out there looking like a human billboard.

Product Details:
• Unisex
• Colour: Sand, Khaki, Black or Graphite.
• Fit: Like a beanie
• Fabric: Turbo soft (gen the softest we’ve worn)
• Weight: Negligible if you’re not weak
• One size fits all

Washing instructions:
• Wash when dirty!
• Hand wash only with lukewarm water
• DO NOT tumble dry