Op Massive Training Programme

Op Massive Training Programme

Be the door kicker you were born to be!

This 12-week programme is a strong all rounder, guaranteed to not only improve your strength, but overall physical fitness, providing you put in the work of course. Functionality is key here, there's no point looking essence if you're out of breath after kicking in the door. You deserve to be the one who can do both! It begins by testing your current 3 rep maxes, with a re-test at the end of week 12, with functional cardio burners sprinkled in between.

For £15, you can't ask for much more, it’s by far less than what the local gym PT will charge you for a copy and paste 'bums and tums programme'.... you know what we mean, we ain't about that life. There’s no shipping costs either, keep eyes on your email (and those junk folders)! Allow up-to 24 hours to receive your document as we quite literally email these out manually.


Essential Kit List; dumbbells; barbell with weight plates; 1x kettlebell; EZ-bar; bench; squat rack; pull up bar; dead-ball or sandbag; skipping rope.

Desirable Kit List; dip horns (bench dips as an alternative); rowing machine or bike (running as an alternative); weighted vest (5-10kg); 2x kettlebells (20kg+).