OGV Slap

OGV Slap

Our latest vinyl sticker that slaps harder than 0900hrs on a Monday morning!

Like all our slaps, this one is also bomb proof (integrity shout - it probably won't survive a bomb blast…). They are however thick, durable, and the vinyl layering protects them from scratching, rain & sunlight.

They're deployable on literally anything; laptop; water bottle; fridge; phone; assault rifles; claymores; your face; or your oppos eyelids. Let's face it, everyone loves stickers!

Size: 65mm x 60mm (Matte Finish)

We've got your back on the postage costs too if this is all you want! £1.50 for delivery to the UK and £5 to the rest of the world (please note that this delivery service is not tracked).