Aesthetic AF Training Programme

Aesthetic AF Training Programme

Nothing short of a 6 week trip aboard the swole train.

Straight to the point, there’s no cardio here. We can also hear you all asking… “why have I paid for a 6 week programme when others are longer?”. This is a deliberate move; week 1 is ‘test week’; we’ll then move into 4 weeks of training (5 days per week comprising of a chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs); we then re-test at week 6 to set the weight parameters for your next rotation.

There’s no shipping costs either, keep eyes on your email (and those junk folders)! Allow up-to 24 hours to receive your document as we quite literally email these out manually.


Kit List; olympic barbell, enough weight to test your 3 and 1 rep max’s, bench and squat rack, dumbbells, kettlebells, EZ bar, some way of doing pull ups.

*All workouts are conducted at your own risk. We work on the following presumptions; that you will take all precautions to ensure your own safety when working out; that you are adequately warmed up before commencing any workout; and that you are not training with any ongoing injuries. We are not personal trainers and we have never claimed to be, but our time in the Royal Marines means we know what we need to know about fitness. We're passing our fitness journey onto you. Enjoy it, but be safe in the process.