Aesthetic AF Training Programme

Aesthetic AF Training Programme

You voted for the swole train, so we're here to deliver the tickets! Presenting our 6 week bro sesh programme... AESTHETIC AF!

Straight to the point, there’s no cardio here. We can also hear you all asking… “why have I paid for a 6 week programme when others are longer?”. This is a deliberate move; week 1 is ‘test week’; we’ll then move into 4 weeks of training (5 days per week comprising of a chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs); we then re-test at week 6 to set the weight parameters for your next rotation.

For £15, you can't ask for much more. There’s no shipping costs either, we'll fire this straight to your email address! just please allow up-to 24 hours to receive your document. We quite literally email these out manually.


Kit List; olympic barbell, enough weight to test your 3 and 1 rep max’s, bench and squat rack, dumbbells, kettlebells, EZ bar, some way of doing pull ups.